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Number 12

September 4, 2014

To celebrate the new series of Doctor Who I decided to treat myself to this gourgeous handmade Tardis necklace by Finnish artesan SirRoi! I already had one Tardis necklace but it’s just one of those things you cannot have too many of.


So, we are on to Doctor number twelve now. What do you think of him so far? I have to say that I’m impressed. I think he will do a great job and give new dimension to the character. The writing has also been rather spiffy in tha first two episodes. The dialogue and references to so many things have had me rolling. I especially liked how in the first episode Clara represented the part of the fanbase who were horrified of the Doctor being played by an older man. That bit sort of took the fandom into it’s hands and shook it about a bit to make it see sense.

Also the references to his face being familiar were also rather funny, as there had been a lot of talk about Capaldi being on the show before. Oh and Into the Dalek was such a homage to so many things from Jules Verne to Star Trek, and I bloody loved it! “Resistance is futile!” is the perfect line for the Daleks!

I’m very much looking forward to the Twelfth’s adventures, I’m sure Moffat has some good stuff up his sleeve.

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