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Buzz Over Cuts

November 27, 2013

The media is an odd thing. It seems the fact that Keith Urban (I guess I have to write his whole name, although he’s just Keith to me) has caused a big stir by cutting his hair. Sure his hair has been about the same style for many years now, but it’s still only hair. Why is it that appearance matters so much, and for eg. charity work doesn’t? Even his number one album didn’t get this much attention.

Anyway, it might take a moment for us to get used to the new do, but that’s beside the point. It’s his hair, it’s his life. The same thing happens when other stars cut their hair, like when Jennifer Lawrence did a few weeks back. Everyone seems to be so obsessed with appearance. Geez! It’s exhausting even for someone not in the public eye.

Dye your hair purple if you like, I don’t care. (In fact I’d admire you for it, I love purple hair!)

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