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The big 5-0

November 22, 2013

Tomorrow the clock stikes 50. This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Doesn’t it feel so incredibly good being a Whovian right now?

I watched “An Adventure in Space and Time” this morning and could not contain my giddyness, pride and lastly tears. It was a fantastic film about the beginnings of a fantastic show. It is truly magnificent that an idea that was thought up 50 years ago is still going strong, perhaps even stronger than ever! The film made me so proud to be a fan, and made me appreciate the legacy of Doctor Who even more. And Verity Lambert. Wow! She is an inspiration to all! She fought for Doctor Who, she believed in it when the suits didn’t. She is my idol!

So I’d like to say thank you to Sydney Newman for the idea, Verity Lambert for making it happen and, last but not least, William Hartnell who made The Doctor what he is.

Tomorrow we celebrate with jelly babies and fish fingers and custard!


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