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American Idol

May 23, 2013

Did any of you watch it? I did, of course, Keith was a judge after all. Yes, after 10ish years of fandom, we’re on a first name basis. At first I was horrified the that Nicki Minaj person was going to be on it too, but she did turn out to be better than I’d expected. Mariah Carey was a bit boring though… Anyway, so the 12th season is over and we have another winner. Candice Glover was a superb winner, as was the whole top five really. I don’t understand why people keep moaning about it being rigged because the top five was full of girls, they were, after all, in another league compered to the gents.

Next season will be interesting. Will ANY of the judges be back? So far we know Randy quit, as did Nicki, but what about Keith and Mariah? I know Keith wants another go, and I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing him on there again, since he was the best judge of them all. Mariah on the other hand… meh.

The finale had a lot of good bits, there was Adam Lambert and the Band Perry, as well as Keith doing two songs, but some other parts could more than gladly have been left out. *cough* J.Lo. *cough*

Here’s Keith debuting his new song on the finale of American Idol:

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