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March 20, 2012

Last night I watched the season finale of Walking Dead. Phew! That show is really something! It had me hiding my head in a pillow from time to time just because it was so exciting. Films and tv-shows don’t usually scare me at all anymore (am I too jaded?) but zombies have a way of entering my thoughts (and even dreams!). When we watched the first season of Walking Dead, several episodes at a time, I used to lay awake and wonder how we’d survive in our flat if zombies attacked.It had me a little freaked out for a while…

I suppose zombies have that effect on me because the idea that an unknown virus would make humans into walking corpses isn’t as far fetched as many other horror film subjects. Who knows what science will concoct in the future? A rage virus like in 28 Days Later? Or something even worse?

Also, everyone already being infected in Walking Dead? Whaaat? I did not see that coming! Can’t wait for season three!

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