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I cannot describe the amazingness of tonight!

April 25, 2011

I am speechless. Dylan Moran was fabulous beyond description. My friend somehow built up the nerve to go ask him for an autograph on her boob before the show (he was standing outside the venue smoking, as he is supposed to , of course) and I sheepishly tagged along, shaking like a leaf. That was my first contact with the master, who gracefully declined and said he’d rather do it after the show. We then headed into the venue and had a shot of salmiakki kossu because we were shaking so much from the sheer awesomeness of the situation. The show itself was magnificent. Loads of new material, with a few oldies thrown in. Not surprising, as it was his first show in Finland, and one of the first of the tour.

After the show my friend and I waited around for him to come out again and of course he did, and signed everything this time around. I got an unimaginative piece of paper signed and my friend got her jacket signed. Also, because I knew he loved chocolate (one thing you cannot miss from the What It Is dvd), I brought him a Mignon egg which is a traditional Finnish chocolate Easter egg. He thanked me and said he’d been “screaming for chocolate” so I assume he was pleased. I’d written on the Egg “To Dylan, Happy Zombie Jesus Day ❤ Mikaela” so now he knows my name… excuse me while I go burst into a million tiny fangirly pieces…

Here he is in all his beautiful glory...

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