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April 24, 2011

In about seven hours I am seeing Dylan Moran live. Yeah, I said it all casual loik but inside I’m bursting with excitement! I never ever dreamed this day would come! I’ve watched Black Books and his stand-up DVDs over and over again, wishing and hoping I would some day be in the audience. I never really believed it would happen, but that day is now here. I AM SEEING DYLAN MORAN LIVE! In fact, he might already be in the country, walking around Helsinki like just a normal person. I read that he likes to visit museums and art exhibitions wherever he goes… Maybe I should go hang around Kiasma museum of modern art, or perhaps Ateneum if his tastes are more traditional…? I’m not a stalker, honestly… I’m just a very avid fan. I’m smiling a huge innocent smile right now to prove my sincerity.

To celebrate this amazing day I shall post a more colourful version of my previously posted Dylan Moran widescreen wallpaper.

Click to enlarge

Happy Dylan Moran Day!!!

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