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Tim Minchin is pretty damn awesome

April 8, 2011

Here’s a brand spankin’ new animated version of his beat poem called Storm. I fancy myself a bit of a hippie-ish person at times, but a science-y hippie at that so I find that this perfectly states that there’s enough amazing stuff in the real world for our minds to boggle at, so we don’t need any supernatural beings or magical powers to believe in. It is, of course, fine to do so, if one is so inclined, as long as they don’t shut out the actual facts and truths that science has shown us. That would be like not believing it’s raining when it clearly is. The ground is wet, the trees are wet, houses and cars are wet, and there’s even water coming down and making yourself wet. It is, in fact, raining.

Sometimes, I feel a little ashamed that one of my recent(ish) ancestors invented homoeopathy…

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