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Bring Back Whites!

March 12, 2011

Why is it that all good shows so often get cancelled? That’s happened to Whites now, but luckily the interwebs are not standing idly by. We have risen to the challenge and are demanding that Whites gets another chance. It’s crazy how something as well written and witty gets axed while other, sub-par shows get recommissioned (I’m looking at you Mrs. Brown’s Boys). I may not have access to watching these shows on television (at least no yet, though Whites seems like the perfect show for our national television to acquisition so I wouldn’t be surprised if they did) but there are other ways thanks to the internet, and This is why the axing of Whites also affects little me, here in far away Finland. I was really looking forward to seeing more of Roland, Bib, Caroline, Skoose and the others. Will Roland and Caroline ever hook up? Will Skoose and Kiki? Will Roland ever get that Michelin star he’s lusting after? Will Caroline stay with her fiancé despite being second to farm animals in his eyes? So many unanswered questions!

Sign the petition!

We want more of this!

Other ways of helping are buying the first series dvd box and writing to BBC Comedy.

p.s. YLE, hankkikaa tämä sarja heti!!

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