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Celebs using their power for good

March 11, 2011

I follow a lot of my fave actors and comedians on Twitter, as you can see from earlier posts, and have been seeing a lot of tweets about something called Twitrelief lately.. Curious as to what this meant I did a little research and it seems it’s a new way celebrities in the UK are helping out for Comic Relief. Basically you can bid for them on ebay to follow you on Twitter. Sounds a little lame maybe, but most have thrown in a little something special to make it worth people’s bids. If I had extra money I would do my best to win one of the auctions. Probably Stephen Mangan’s, that’s a doozy!

It’s true. But to get the whole story you have to check his Tweets:

Some other one’s I’d very much like to bid on are Stephen Fry (come on, he’s the “best person on earth” how could you not want him following you??)

Tim Minchin

Prof. Brian Cox (we have a Twitter history after all… *wink* )

Bill Bailey + a Gretsch guitar! Wowee!

And a bunch of others as well. Not having money to spare is such a pain! Emma Freud has the highest bid so far, and it includes a walk on extra part in Richard Curtis’ next film. How cool is that?? And more “items” to bid on are on their way.. Who knows, the best might be still to come.

If you want to bid on these go to Twitrelief. For more info check out Twitrelief on Twitter.

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