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On my way to becoming a Gleek…

February 26, 2011

I’ve been watching a lot of Glee lately. There’s a lot of good stuff in it, like the Rocky Horror episode (though I was hoping to see John Stamos as Frank N Further.. yum!) and the message of equality. On the other hand there’s also stuff that makes me press the mute button, like Britney Spears, and the rapping. What also irks me to no end is the snide comments from the kids about older music. For example, Schuester was suggesting they do Singin’ in the Rain (awesome!) and the kids looked at him like he was some weirdo and wondered when the song was from. Seriously! It’s a freakin’ awesome song! It doesn’t matter how old it is, it’s much better than a lot of crap on the radio nowadays. Unfortunately, they then went on to ruin it by mashing it up with Rihanna’s Umbrella. Ick!! Sometimes I really really dislike teenagers.

Despite all this Glee still has it’s good bits, show tunes and Barbra Stresiand, Puck (yum!) singing Only the Good Die Young by Billy Joel, and even a little Monkees! And that is why I like it.

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