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Adam’s boyfriend

February 20, 2011

So, it seems to be official that Adam Lambert is dating Sauli Koskinen, a Finn. I remember people tweeting about Adam hooking up with a blond guy after his concert here in Helsinki last year (which was awesome by the way) and then the same guy also being seen in Paris with Adam. So there was a lot of rumours about them going around but no one was sure, until earlier this month it seems. I’d missed the news completely but there are pictures of the two walking arm in arm in Hollywood around the time of Adam’s birthday. What made me look into this piece of news today was a tweet from Adam about an hour ago that only said “Sauli”. That has to mean something right? However, the weird part is that it’s gone now. I went back to take a screen cap of it for this post, but I couldn’t find it any more… Things that make you go hmmmm…

Anyways, what I was really coming to is that I think it’s pretty damn cool that Adam is dating a Finnish guy. This might mean he’ll come to Finland more often! I would be very very happy about that…

Update the next morning…

I can see the tweet again in my time line.

But it keeps disappearing… Definitely a thing that makes me go hmmmmmmm…

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