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A post about Russell Brand. Yes.

January 24, 2011

Russell Brand, Russell Brand.. what can I say about Russell Brand? All evidence points to a person I shouldn’t like, but damn he’s just so brilliant it’s impossible not to like him. I love his crazy style, I love his fabulous flair for words and he’s just down right hilarious. And then of course he IS friends with Noel Fielding… It was actually when Noel and Rusty teamed up for The Big Fat Quiz of the Year that I fell for Rusty. Noel was already in my heart of course. Since then I’ve read My Booky Wook and seen his movies and stand-up and made my house mate in Australia a big fan. Still haven’t gotten around to ordering My Booky Wook 2 from Amazon though.. but it’s on my list!

Why this sudden talk about Rusty Rockets then? Well, I came across his acceptance speech for the ‘Outstanding Contribution to Comedy Award’ and man, does that man ever run out of things to say? I think not.

For one of the funniest interviews in the history of everything you need to watch this:

Then there’s the fact that he’s taken on the role that Dudley Moore perfected back in the eighties, ie. Arthur… I still don’t know how I feel about this. I love Arthur and I love Dudley Moore. Why remake perfection? I will have to see the new version before I make my verdict but right now I’m very much on the fence…

The original...

...versus Rusty Arthur...

Yesh. Still on the fence. Very muchly.

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