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We need more waistcoats!

January 14, 2011

Waistcoats. There is something incredibly sexy about waistcoats. Of course, they don’t work on everyone, but on the right people they can me magic! I give you the evidence to look over and decide for yourself… Though the answer is pretty straight forward.. I mean look!

David Tennant looking rather sharp

And that’s just the beginning…  Check out this little doozy:

This. Wow. Just wow.

Not only does David Tennant look brilliantly sexy in waistcoats, but so do these guys.

Rufus Wainwright looking dazzling

And as I already stated in an earlier post, Tim Minchin just does something to me in a waistcoat…


And last but definitely not least, how about the always gorgeous Keith Urban?

Looking very handsome with his lovely wife Nicole Kidman

What have we learned from this? Well, we’ve learned that WAISTCOATS ROCK!

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