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Rufus, Josh and Tim

January 13, 2011

Today I had two things on my mind. The first one was buying Josh Groban’s new album because I read this last night:

“I had written a melody and, for whatever reason, decided the melody would work best in French,” says Groban of what would become Au Jardin des Sans-Pourquoi (The Garden Without Whys), which was recorded after Groban sent Wainwright his original lick. Wainwright, at the time, was concerned about his mother, the famous folk singer Kate McGarrigle, and asked if they could collaborate on the piece.

“A couple weeks later, he told me she really wasn’t doing well, and I told him to forget about the song,” says Groban, who adds that, nevertheless, two days later Wainwright sent him a completed demo of the track. “She passed away a couple of months after that,” says Groban, “and it’s the only song they ever wrote together. I’m humbled that they gave it to me.”

(


Yes. Rufus Wainwright and his mum wrote one of the songs on Josh’s new album. I do like Groban, but am not a die-hard fan, so this was kinda the push I needed to buy the album. Lately, though, after seeing him on a few episodes of Never Mind the Buzzcocks being absolutely hilarious, I’ve grown to like him more.
Then the second thing on my mind today was getting online and checking if Tim Minchin’s US début was up on YouTube, and of course it was! So here he is, performing, my favourite, Inflatable You on Conan O’Brien’s show on TBS.


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