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Making Memories of Oz

January 10, 2011

While living and studying in Australia I had one of the best concert experiences ever. I got to see one of my all time favourite artists Keith Urban, live in his home town! How was I that lucky?? I do not know, but when I found out he was going to be performing in Brisbane twice during my stay on the Gold Coast (about 70km south of Brissie) I nearly hyperventilated and went into shock. After my inital disbelief and bewilderment I set my sights on grabbing tickets in the fan club pre-sale. Long story short, I got some pretty good tickets and 6 months or so later, I was heading to the Brisbane Entertainment Centre for his first Brissie show that year. The fact that I was seeing him again after 4½ years (first time in Dublin opening for Bryan Adams) was already amazing, but then as the show went on he encourage us on the floor to come closer to the stage so I did and guess where I ended up?? RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM! Honestly, he was so close that I could see the roof of his mouth! How incredible is that?? The gig was fantastic and I walked away with memories for a lifetime. I also walked away with an inability to wash my right hand for a few days because he had touched it.  Yes, I know, I am a bit obsessed, but there are worse things to be in this world, right? At least this time I didn’t take a sign with me, though to be fair when I did that the first time he pointed and smiled. *be still my heart*

The second gig in Brissie, the next night, wasn’t as memorable for me, thanks to our seats not being as good, but we did sit a few rows behind Keith’s parents which was pretty darn cool. That gig was also the last of the tour so there were a lot of special guests from his past. People he’d played with in pubs and bars all over the east coast. The fact that it was in his home town sure made it a whole lot more special.

Mirror guitar!

This guitar unfortunately suffered irrepairable damage in the Nasville floods last year...

You’ll Think Of Me



I got some really good pics too and as you can see, I was VERY close. The second one was taken while he sang You’ll Think Of Me. Can you imagine being THAT close while he sings YTOM?? I honestly shed a few tears because of the sheer powerfulness of the situation. For a taste of what it’s like, check out this video:

That night I was floating on air. A bit like when I met Rufus Wainwright, but that’s another story…

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