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Change of Plans

July 29, 2014

As some of you may have already heard, Michael Nesmith had to cancel his European tour this autumn. It hit me pretty hard because I had tickets to his Leeds gig and was planning on spending another week in England with my boyfriend. He still really wants to go, but I feel like it’s a little pointless now. Sure, we can go see Arsenal play in the Carling cup and spend some more time with his family, but there’s no Papa Nez gig! I was looking forward to it oh so much so now it’s all just a little blah. Then there’s the chance of a new tour later on, and I need to save my free workdays and money just in case!

That feeling when someone you really want to see has to cancel their show is just so deflating. It’s happened a few times before, but this definitely was the worst.

Oh Mike, will I ever get to see you play live?

It’s a good day for this Monkees fan

June 7, 2014

The best thing about collecting records happened to me today. I went to a shopping centre to pick up a mug (I ordered a mug with Padawan’s picture on it last week) and decided to pop into the record shop in there. I casually looked through the new arrivals, not thinking there’d be anything in there, but lo and behold at the back of the box I see a record that was missing from my collection! On closer inspection I see that it even happens to be a US pressing! Oh oh oh I could just burst! Happy days are here again!

Just look at this beauty!


Best Interview Ever!

June 2, 2014

I love reading interviews with Keith and have read/seen/heard some really good ones over the years but after 13 years of fandom (how old AM I???) this new Rolling Stone one is the best I’ve ever read. Kudos to both the interviewer and Keith! She asked the right questions and he answered with a previously unseen level of honesty, and that’s saying a lot because he’s always been very open about his struggles.

However, the bit that really filled my heart with joy was this:

You’ve also showed your sensitive side on camera, most recently at the Grammys. You were tearing up at the same and opposite-sex wedding ceremony during Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ “Same Love” performance. What was going through your head?

I see these people coming down the aisle and there are all these multiple couples and I go, “Oh, that’s cool,” because the song’s “Same Love.” Queen Latifah starts acting like she’s really marrying people and then I suddenly went, “Wait a minute, this is California, this is really happening.” I get chills now. When you [attend] a wedding between two people who love each other, and you see that and you feel that, if you don’t cry, then you may want to check your pulse. I mean, really, it’s love. That was one of the most extraordinary things I’d ever seen on TV.

Did you get any backlash to your reaction?

I didn’t hear about it. I’m sure there’s plenty of it. I mean, God knows the naysayers of the world have a very big platform now to make a lot of noise. I could care less. If you don’t support love, then I think there’s a problem.

Hell yeah!!

Keith, I will always love you!

YouTube You Beautiful Treasure Trove

May 28, 2014

I just have to share this video with everyone I possibly can! It is absolutely perfect! A beautiful mix of two of my favourite things: Doctor Who and The Rocky Horror Picture Show. So just watch it and enjoy, and if you’re like me you’re going to be grinning from ear to ear all the way through.

The Good Life

May 24, 2014

Yesterday I woke up to the most beautiful views. The sun was shining over the water and the sky was bluer than blue. The fact that I get to experience mornings like that out on an island in the Finnish archipelago makes me feel so very privileged. My family has a piece of land and two small cottages on that island and I can go there whenever I want to. I can’t get over the amazingness of it all right now, I wish I could share it with the world!

Unfortunately, I have to be back at work on Monday and won’t be able to go back until July… Maskinnamo I’ll miss you! And so will Padawan!


A musical interlude

May 4, 2014

Let’s take a moment to enjoy some Keith Urban:

Btw googling KU brings up some trashy mags saying there are rumours of divorce. Hah! Is all I say. Good luck trying to sell magazines with lies, that’s all you do anyway.

Movies of the Mind

April 26, 2014

Ok, so Michael Nesmith, yes THE Michael Nesmith is going on tour in England this autumn. He’s playing in Leeds on September 25th and I’m incredibly tempted to get tickets. I know I could get time off work and go over for a long weekend and since it’s in Leeds we can stay with the bf’s mum and just take the train in for the concert… Buuuuuut the flights are over 400 euros for the two of us right now. Poo.

We’re already going in July and again at xmas. But it’s bloody MICHAEL NESMITH!! I NEED TO SEE HIM!


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